iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Cost

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Cost In Kolkata

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Cost In Kolkata

The cost of the iPhone 5 battery replacement generally depends on the procedure you select. Several users have reported poor battery life with iPhone 5. Your iPhone battery should last 8 to10 hours of talking and browsing time on 3G / Wi-Fi and LTE. But if you are facing a battery drain problem and searching for an iPhone battery replacement cost, then you are in the right place.

Answer: iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Cost In Kolkata

We will have a brief conversation about the iPhone 5 battery replacement price. But before going to that topic we just recommend you to perform some self troubleshooting steps.

  1. Turn off services/features that you are not using. This includes Location Services (Settings > Privacy > Location Services); Push Notifications (Settings > Notifications); extra sounds (like keyboard clicks), turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE when you are not using them.

2. urn off Siri completely if you are not using it. (Settings >General > Siri).

3. Turn down screen brightness (Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper)Change email settings to manual (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and tap Manually).

4. Restart your device by simply pressing and holding the power button. Some apps may be using too much of your battery.

5. There is a free app called Carat (iTunes link) that reports apps that are using lots of power.

6. Calibrate your battery by completely draining your power (so your iPhone 5 will shut off), then charge to 100%. Do this once a month.

If your iPhone 5 battery problem still persists after performing all the above steps, then you should go for the iPhone 5 battery replacement. Now talking about the iPhone 5 battery replacement price, it totally depends on the procedure. Obviously, the authorized iPhone service centers will charge more for the iPhone 5 for the sake of the original product.

Your second option is to go to the local mobile service center will no doubt provide the service at your budget but they use cheap china unreliable products. Even sometimes they use second-hand products in their replacement service. So don’t get fooled by them and they’re overwhelming

The third and the best option for you is to get a genuine OEM battery from us ( homecomputerservicekolkata.com ) with assured reliability. We can trust us because we are one of the renowned and trusted Apple device service centers in Kolkata. We provide the best quality OEM parts without any hidden charge. Our policy is transparent for you without any complexity. You can also get your iPhone 5 battery and get it fitted from a native restore retailer for nearly 200-400 Rs. In this manner, you are going to get an excellent quality battery with assured liability.

We Provide Free Pickup and Drop Service All Over Kolkata. Call the US 9433702119 or Book A Repair Job Here.

If you choose Home Computer Service Kolkata for your iPhone 5 battery, the main advantage you will get.

✔️ Free Pickup and Drop Pan India
✔️ Original or OEM Parts
✔️ Certified Engineer
✔️ Transparent Policy

I Hope iPhone 5 battery replacement cost in Kolkata will give you an idea about it.

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