How Much Cost to Repair OnePlus 3 Display Screen in Kolkata

How Much Cost to Repair OnePlus 3 Display Screen in Kolkata?

How Much Cost to Repair OnePlus 3 Display Screen in India?

The cost to repair your OnePlus 3 display screen completely will depend on which technique you select to repair it up. Few of the strategies are like getting it fastened from an approved Oneplus service center or get it fixed by a local restore store in your area or to do it yourself.

Answer: Cost to Repair OnePlus 3 Display In Kolkata.

The primary selection is to go to a licensed Oneplus service center. They might value a hefty amount on the an identical, nonetheless it can assure 100% real various show with guarantee. Means that’s the one methodology to just remember to’re going to get 100% actual genuine display and may get some restricted time assure on the half.

The 2nd chance is to go to some local mobile repair retailer in your area, the place you’re going to get your OnePlus 3 repaired for a better worth deal nonetheless this may not assure good top quality part and an unreliable warranty. Merely simply make certain you don’t get fooled by a store who claims to have a genuine display screen for a greater worth. Do you believe he can have tie-ups with Oneplus and get genuine actual parts from them? The one technique these retailers can have a authentic display screen is that in the event that they took out the display screen from one other mobile phone.

The third and your best option is to get a high-quality different LCD Show display with Contact Digitizer in your OnePlus Three from a reliable on-line retailer (like and get it fitted from the native restore retailer for merely 200-300 Rs. This manner you are going to get an excellent top quality show with good prices and a reliable assure. You might even try to do this your self with the help of youtube movies and cellphone opening toolkit for OnePlus 3.

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